24 Ways To Promote Your Website

Here are 24 ways to promote your website and get more traffic to it:

Promoting your website is at the heart of business success in the 21st century. For most businesses, your website is your lobby; it’s the place where your customers first meet your company and your products or services.

  1. Put it everywhere – Your web address should be everywhere. On business cards, on your car, on your t-shirt everywhere.
  2. Make your website your business – Amazon, Google, Twitter, Poshmark. There might be companies behind these websites, but they are known as their website. If you have a website, you should name your business the same.
  3. On social media – Every social media post should have your web address in it. Every time some sees something you’ve posted, even just for fun, it should have your web address on it.
  4. PPC (Pay per Click) Advertisements – Facebook ads, Google ads, everywhere, you should be promoting your website. If you make promoting your website the focus, then you know where to concentrate your sales efforts.
  5. SEO – Make sure your website is attracting search engines. You want Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others to come look at your website frequently. SEO will help you do that. It’s a process (see some of our other blogs), but it’s a great way to promote your site.
  6. Content – Post interesting content to your website regularly. Blogging once a week with information that people can use is a great way to get Google to see you and get people to come to your website.
  7. Email marketing – A series of regular emails that invites people to your website is an excellent way to market it. By contacting them through their inbox and then finding a reason to visit your site, like a blog post or a video, you can get lots of traffic to your website.
  8. Infographics – These little informative gems are perfect for the internet. They’re shareable, full of data, and make people want to look at your website for more information.
  9. Micro-influencers – When people think of influencers, they think of the Kardashians, but micro-influencers have even more power. They have smaller followings, but those are very loyal followers. They have a lot of influence in a small niche. Make friends with them and they can help promote your business.
  10. Google My Business – The free Google business listing is one of the most powerful ways to tell people you exist. Make sure that your website is listed on there. (See our blog about Google My Business listings.)
  11. Business listing sites – YP, Yelp, and many, many more sites have spaces for you to add your website. Make sure that your information is correct and that your website is properly linked. There are even a few services that will list you on dozens of sites at once.
  12. Quora – Go on Quora and ask and answer questions. Include your web address in your profile or in your answers with an invite to learn more.
  13. YouTube – YouTube is the world’s second-busiest website and social media site. Making videos that teach, share, or even just make people laugh is a great way to promote your business. Be sure to include your web address in your description and your video.
  14. Reddit – Reddit is a discussion forum that’s a little less formal than Quora. Put answers there and include your website. It will help make SEO connections and will promote visits to your site.
  15. Medium – Medium is an article posting that has gained a lot of popularity lately. You can post articles there and have your website LinkedIn your profile.
  16. Help a Reporter Out – Reporters are often looking for experts. Help a Reporter Out is a site that acts as a resource for those reporters. You can list yourself and your site there as a resource for solid expert advice.
  17. Backlinks – A backlink is when another website links to yours. Warning: There is no easy way to do this. Google will penalize you if they discover that you’re setting up a link exchange. Create great content and people will naturally link to you.
  18. Signature – Every email you send out, every text message, can have your web address in it. That will give people an easy way to look up your website. 
  19. Guest blogging – Find bloggers who talk about what you do. Offer to write for them in exchange for a chance to list your website. Many times, those who are your competitors are willing to work together simply because there are plenty of customers in the world.
  20. Twitter – Unlike other forms of social media, Twitter is a bit more laid back as a promotional site. You can post marketing tweets all the time, but you shouldn’t. Give people a reason to read your tweets, like inspiration, humor, or interesting facts, and only pitch your website every 8 or 10 posts.
  21. Blogger outreach – Finding bloggers in your realm is easy. Once you have, contact them and invite them to write for your website or to simply check it out. Ask if they would be willing to recommend your website as a resource if that’s appropriate. If you sell something, offer them a sample.
  22. Engage – Be sure to respond to comments on your blog and on social media. If people are willing to engage with you, you should do them the courtesy of responding. Don’t leave them hanging, even if it’s just a note saying, “Thanks for your comment.”
  23. Pinterest – This very visual platform is a great place to post images of your products, memes with great advice, and much more. Sharing on the site, with your web address in the image, is an excellent way to promote your website. Infographics are awesome on Pinterest.
  24. Quality – The final idea applies to everything above: Always post quality. You don’t need to be Shakespeare to share quality writing or Einstein to share quality ideas, but make sure that everything you do, you do to the best of your ability.

Promoting your website can actually be fun if you approach it as a challenge. The most important thing to note is that there’s always a new way to promote yourself and your website so you should never be bored.